What is a call answering service

It’s a rather simple question but one that a lot of people don’t actually know what a full answer entails.

The simplified answer is that when your business phone calls can’t be answered, we’ll answer them for you.


In actual fact, it is a very simple service but don’t let that fool you, it’s a simple concept alright but it’s actually incredibly useful and utilised in the correct way, immensely powerful for your business.

How it works is very easy to understand too. We give you a unique phone number that you divert your calls to. You can divert from your landlines, mobiles, VOIP systems and when you are unable to take the call, it’ll divert to us and we’ll deal with it for you.

Once we’ve dealt with your customer, in your business name, we’ll then email and/or text you with the message details. This then leaves it open for you to contact them back with their enquiry.

Simple message taking accounts to roughly 80% of our customer base. Things needn’t be complicated, with our trained telephone handlers we know just what to say to overt suspicion and get them to leave their contact details to be called back.

Can it be taken further?


Message handling like above works very well however some clients may need extra enhancements. So telephone handling like ours can incorporate many other features if our clients give us access to their systems.

Booking forms, taking orders, appointment scheduling, call patching, returning customer calls if our clients are too busy and much more.

It turns from simple messaging into a full blown virtual receptionist.

But why?

Ah, why spend money on something when people will just try you again later or leave you a voicemail?

It turns out, it’s very off putting for potential clients and existing clients if they can’t get hold of you or someone at your business. Think how frustrating it is when you try and ring a big brand and it takes forever to get through. It’s the same for your customers with you.

People want a trustworthy and reliable customer experience, if they’re getting a voicemail or no answer during the middle of a working day, it does nothing for your or your business image.

What will get a better reaction? A continuous ringing with no answer/voicemail in the middle of the day or a polite and helpful customer service representative helping your customer get the contact they need to start doing business with you?

The truth is, many people want things quickly in this day and age and by speaking to someone, they’re being dealt with.

Why let them ring elsewhere if you can now offer them the contact they need?

Is that everything?

In a nutshell yes, there are a myriad of arrangements and as you can see varying ways you can utilise such a service.

This is good for me and my business, can I try it before I buy?

Ahhhhh…glad you asked that question.

Of course you can, we offer a free trial with no strings attached so just give it a go. Set up is so quick and easy all we need are a few details to begin.