Once you’ve signed up to use our free trial, you can be using the service within minutes!

1.) We provide you with a unique divert telephone number that is only for you to use. This lets us know which business the caller is trying to contact.

2.) You then set your landline, mobile phone, VOIP system (or all of them) to divert to that number either when your line is engaged and/or after so many rings or a permanent divert. With VOIP you can even set it to ring here at the same time as your office, or have it ‘hunt’ around to make sure it’s answered.

3.) When your normal business number gets called and isn’t answered, it then diverts that call to us. 

4.) We then answer that call in a polite, friendly and professional manner and do all we can to help your customer. This could be simple message taking, or as our business relationship develops we can answer queries, give prices or even sign new customers up. Remember we work ‘with’ you. Once the call has been ended, we pass the information to you instantly via email and/or text.

5.) You then have the message and contact details to deal with, when suits you.


Additional Info – All of our customers get a standard voicemail box for out of hours use free.

We can provide a personalised voicemail box with your company name for just £5 a month. All of these messages are passed on first thing in the morning.