Do I need a Call Answering Service?

When you call most established businesses, who usually picks up the phone? Hotels, Law Firms, Building Contractors, Dealerships…most have a receptionist who knows where to direct a call or help with quick questions.

You find front of house staff at most larger businesses but we know that  it can be cost prohibitive for quite a lot of small businesses and the self employed for such a full time luxury.

This is where we step in, so if you’ve come across this article because you’ve been searching to find out if you need a virtual receptionist, here are a few good reasons to suggest that you might.


Employing a full time or even part time receptionist costs a lot, there is no denying this. Not only do you have to pay their wage, the associated intricacies such as holiday pay, time off, illness etc and also the fact that employing someone is a pretty big commitment, can be a daunting and expensive experience. The ‘real’ cost of the employee rises when you don’t have a need for a full time receptionist and you don’t have any other work for them to do.

By using our call answering service, you have your calls sorted with very little cost and none of the other possible downsides.

Flexibility and Freedom

If you’re up a ladder, in the court room or doing an impressive face to face sales pitch to a customer, there’s nothing worse than your phone ringing/going to voicemail and you can’t answer and don’t know what the incoming call is about. It’s incredibly restrictive to be burdened by being at your phones beck and call all day long when all you want to do, is grow your business and provide the service that you offer.

By transferring your calls to us, they will all get answered and messages passed through for you to deal with when you’re able. Giving you the flexibility to get your work done and the freedom you’d get by not having to answer every single call.

Time and Prioritisation

This leads us on to what most who are growing their business have told us they need more of, time. Finding yourself short of time to get things done is an incredibly good indicator that you need some assistance.

The other positive is that when you receive your messages from us, you can give priority to your callers and deal with the most pressing issues first, you won’t be held up with someone who’s wasting your time, whilst an important caller who is ready to buy from you has to wait.

Customer Service

There has never been a time where good customer service has mattered the most, even more than price. The world is a busy place, people are after products and services and there is an abundance of those who are offering them up. However, sloppy mistakes, poor communication, unprofessional resolutions to issues (caused often by poor organisation or lack of time) lead to bad reviews, poor customer retention and a fall in sales.

Make your customer experience a positive one, give your customers a point of contact that can help, assure and reassure them when needed, let them know their custom is incredibly valued.

Small team?

If you have staff but have a small team and often get busy but not enough to take on another employee, you can use our service to take your overflow calls, effectively increasing your capability at a fraction of the cost.

So is a call answering service right for you?

If you’ve noticed multiple things above and you find that you are agreeing, then we’re sure we could help.

If you are looking for some freedom, opportunity to grow your business, make your business appear larger and offer a positive customer experience, then give us a try, for free, to see what an advantage a virtual receptionist offers.

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Do you love your business?

We mean, really LOVE your business?

Too often, we can get caught in a trap, albeit potentially of our own making. Stuck in a job that we don’t like, dealing with customers we don’t like? perhaps the issues aren’t as broad as that, maybe smaller, more specific things like despising the time you start work in the morning, sick of customers complaining about the tiniest details, or even your choice of web browser.

Do you find yourself thinking that your business is stale, stagnant and ‘just’ ticking over…does this sound familiar at all to your relationship, with your business?

I wouldn’t blame you if it did, plenty do. Humans are creatures of habit, we like the same, regular, routine. We like the comfort of knowing what’s around the corner, in a primitive way, it’s all to do with limiting our chances of being hurt. Most people, don’t like change. Of course this is all relative, you may like to choose something new at a restaurant or try a different brand or blend of coffee for your pick me up, however staying in an industry/career/job that you’ve done forever, don’t love anymore but carry on for the sake of carrying on as it’s become routine and safe, is on another level.

So you need to sit and think about why you feel the way you do?
– Do you hate your hours/days of working?
– Do staff cause you problems?
– Do customers all have similar complaints?
– Day to day running gets you down?
– Have you taken on too much work?
– Does your business do something you love but due to the responsibilities that comes with owning your own business mean you have less and less time to do what it is you love?
– Not making enough money?

Whatever it is that makes you feel ‘off’, you probably just let it carry on and automatically ‘cope’ with it, it’s just there and it slowly gnaws away, with you never stopping to acknowledge it as a problem.

It’s very cliche but recognising the problems and accepting them as such is a great first step to turning your relationship with your work/business around. As soon as you accept that actually, yes…I don’t like starting work at 7:00am, no I don’t like that customers are always sending emails in saying it’s impossible to find certain info on your website, I am tired of that staff member coming in half an hour late most days.

Once accepted for what they are, you can then work on them. The less these issues get, the happier you and your customers will be.

At some point, you were in love with the idea of your own business and providing the product and service that you do. It’s time to get back to basics. When you started, what did you love? what were your ideas and goals for where you wanted to get to and why has that stopped?

For some it’s waking up in the morning and simply not dreading going into their job and for others it’s the potential for financial security of your own making but that’s a story for another day.

The relationship you have with your partner can mirror the traits we have with our own business’s. It’s personal. You need to continually work on the problems so that your faith, passion, excitement and drive come back. Regaining those, your motivation will increase which in turn will reflect in your business.

Not only do you need to love your work/business, you need others to love it too, so it’s time to tell others why. Customers, Staff, Associates….let THEM know why you love your business and why you love what they do for you and your business, nurturing these relationships is also vital to creating an atmosphere of happiness, engagement and inclusion, which will result in more success.

We for example, are passionate about providing great customer service, we think the best thing about a good business is those that deal with customer communication effectively. With great communication, custom is earned, nurtured, kept and repeated. At a customer level, not being able to get info you want reasonably quickly and not hearing back if a problem occurs, is incredibly frustrating, there is no love there. So doing what we do,  answering calls, giving information to your customers and often being the first port of call for customer relations, gives us great satisfaction, that in turn, gifts our clients the relief that a lot of the burden is lifted from their shoulders whilst keeping their customers happy.

If you’re not a client and have come across this article because you’ve been thinking about using a call answering service, then please get in touch to see how we can help. If you are a client, we hope you’re happy, we value you and will always do what we can to help. We’re never more than a phone call or email away.

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