As we’re situated in Cornwall and have been providing services since 2006, we have a wealth of knowledge about the county.

It’s true that the location of the your Call Answering Service needn’t be in your immediate locality, in fact we have customers in Scotland!

If your business is itself situated in Cornwall and relies on the county alone for your customers, it would make a little bit more sense to use us over a competitor up country. Having local knowledge to direct your customers to you, or simply know that you need a certain amount of time to get to someone can make things seem a little more ‘integrated’ and seamless.

For example, a hire company in Devon often rents out vehicles for their customers come down to Cornwall for. We can suggest places to visit, restaurants to eat at and great campsites.

We also know Cornwall is abundant with self employed trades people, seasonal services and cutting edge start ups, it’s not just the desolate holiday place during the winter and super busy go to destination for the summer. We know this and it’s why we want to support business’s and sole traders all across this great county.

Plus, why not support a local, small, independent firm that can offer a quality service, that rivals the big names?

Not in Cornwall? No problem. We have integrated mapping in our client area so we can see exactly where you are. We can help deliveries and customers to your doorstep should you need us to and the longer we work with you, the more we get to know about your locality.

We have a client that relies on our knowledge of roads, places and distances in and around a certain area further up in the UK, far from our office here in Cornwall, as time has passed, we know the area like the back of our hand.