Benefits of a Call Answering Service

Not being able to handle your own calls, make sure you customers get to speak to somebody every time they ring.

One of the most frustrating things as a consumer is when you call a business and nobody answers the phone, whether you maybe at a customers securing a deal and don’t want to be interrupted, are a plumber and stuck under somebody’s sink or on the road, under any circumstance a customer cannot get hold of you and is presented by an answering machine, believe it or not 80% of new customers, will ring the next available number and ask for their business.

One of the biggest trust factors for your customers is to let them know you are a successful, established business.

Using our call answering service, if you are Self-Employed or a SME, we will make your business appear larger thus improving how it is seen from your customers perspective, consumers are becoming smarter about who they deal with, not just on price, but on the quality of customer service they receive.

English but located in Camborne? Clifton? Melbourne? China? Wales? and want others to perceive you as either a UK Company or a Company situated in London for example?

We can provide a dedicated number for your business, any geographic number available and then answer those calls in your business image.

Holiday Cover

There is now no need to leave your business to the mercy of an answer phone. Instead of leaving your customers feeling like they can’t get through, they’ll be none the wiser whilst you’re away.

We can take orders and if you give us enough knowledge we can provide help and support whilst you are away. Giving your customers the contact they need.


Small business needn’t pay for a full-time receptionist Monday to Friday, if you’re starting up, want to cut costs or run a very streamlined business, our service speaks for itself. From just £20 a month, we are on call 9 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Example: If your receptionist takes 30 calls a week on a 4 week month.

Cost of a receptionist on 8 hours a day, working 5 days, on the current Minimum Wage of £7.83:   £1357 Per Month

Call a Real Person Cost:                                                                      Just £160

A whopping saving of:                                                                                £1,197

As you can see there is a genuine case for saving money against employing a full-time receptionist and also for those just starting out, a full month can cost as little as £20!

Lots of other business savvy people are using a Call Answering Service, why not join them and use Call a Real Person?

We wouldn’t be here if businesses around the country and indeed the world, didn’t use this kind of service.

Simple things that keep our clients with us:

– We’re dedicated, professional and do what we say
– We offer one of the most competitive pricing structures around
– We constantly look for ways to add value to the service
– Anything we can do to go the extra mile (Order Taking etc) we’ll do

Why our customers love the service:

– It’s cost effective
– It gives them time to be away from the phone and invest in their customers, orders, quotes and jobs
– It means Self-Employed people can go on Holiday without fear of losing customers
– No missed custom!
– Overflow customers love to know that when they are busy, we’re waiting to tackle their busy periods
– You have the flexibility over when to divert the calls, quiet day in the office, answer them yourself, out on a call, use our Call Answering Service
– It’s simple and works entirely for the benefit of your business