When dealing in business to new clients, whether that be domestic or commercial customers, the one thing, above all else that they will require, is that they know they will be looked after. As we’ve spoken about in other articles, people will pay above average prices for a service if they see great customer care.

One of the issues self employed or small businesses face, is the majority of people would like to deal with a well established business, one that is thriving and ‘must be doing well’. It’s just natural they may avoid new start ups in a market place filled with long standing competitors as they are more of a risk.

So if you are a start up or a small business with part time workers, what better way to improve confidence in your brand/identity as a company than making yourself look like a larger business than you actually are?

If you’re the owner/M.D/Proprietor of a business and your customers always come through to you and begin to wander what happens when you get busy or if you’re ill or need to go on holiday they’ll soon start to wonder what the level of service will be like when things start to happen. Will you not be able to go on a call out to them? Will you ignore their support requests? Will you not be able to give them delivery info on demand?

Lots of questions crop up in potential and existing customers minds when they deal with very small businesses.

One way of combating this, if you hadn’t already guessed is to use a telephone handling service like ours. A fresh voice for your company appears as if you have a permanent receptionist and a permanent point of contact as a starting point to get orders completed, issues resolved and messages passed along. Hey, it’s why bigger companies do actually employ one for themselves.

Yet you can do it, at a fraction of the cost all whilst not having to worry about paying holiday pay, sick pay, maternity leave that comes with employing someone.

Appearing larger gives your customer the confidence that you’re doing well, your established and your easily contactable.

Give us a try, head on over to our free trial form, Week Free Trial to give us a go at no cost and no obligation to stay on once the trial has ended.