Telephone Answering Service

Don’t miss calls and lose sales. Improve customer satisfaction and retention. All your calls answered. Free up your time and be better than your competition.

In a nutshell – Divert your calls to us, we answer them and send the message to you via text and/or email for you to deal with when you have time. Never any charge for sales, dropped, spam, family and employee calls.

You’re always placed in the cheapest bracket every month, no paying for a package you don’t use up with us! We’re here for you.

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Providing professional, trustworthy, friendly and effective virtual solutions since 2006

Increase your profit.

By answering every call and onboarding every single caller into your customer service experience, you will increase customer satisfaction resulting in happier customers who are more likely to buy from you and come back for more.

Virtual Receptionist

100% UK Based call answerers are waiting to take your business calls, in your business name. We speak to your customers just as our own for that truly professional and caring service.

Virtual PA

Go one step further and let us handle diary management, bookings, call transfers and much more.

Virtual Admin

As a standalone service, we offer audio transcriptions, emails, letter writing, website creation, logo creation and much more.

Partner with us

Thinking of starting your own Telephone Answering Service? How about adding it to your existing services? Or swapping to our bespoke cloud answering software.

Telephone Answering

Take a look at our Ultimate Guide to Telephone Answering Service. Covering all aspects from how it works and what to use it for.

We Build Relationships

You aren’t just another customer, to us, you’re everything. When you do well, we do well.

Core Principles

Trust, respect and professionalism. We know it takes a lot of trust to put your customers and tasks into our hands. We don’t take that lightly.

  • Improves Customer Service, create an experience that keeps customers.
  • Free Your Time, focus on other tasks to grow your business and create a more healthy work/life balance.
  • Increase Growth, with more calls captured, you are more likely to gain custom and keep custom. Growth in business and profits.

Trust, respect and professionalism. We know it takes a lot of trust to put your customers and tasks into our hands. We don’t take that lightly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I divert my calls to you?

Depending on the type of telephone system that you are using, for the majority of our clients it’s simply tapping a code into your phone along with your unique divert number. For VOIP systems simply access your control panel and set up the divert. We have a guide for most major UK operators here on how to divert your calls.

Can you answer all my calls or just when needed?

That is up to you, you can either divert all your calls to us as and when you choose or have them set to divert when you’re busy, engaged or can’t answer. It’s incredibly flexible. You can find out how call answering works here.

How do you know the calls are for me?

We issue you with a unique divert number from our bespoke cloud based call answering software that only you will use. When that number is called, the system knows that number belongs to you and presents our answerers with your business name and any notes/instructions we need to answer you calls just as you want.

I already have staff, can I still use the service?

Yes! The majority of our customers have multiple staff members and the use of our service takes the strain and provides that extra capability to provide great customer service. We can even set up individual staff members on our system so that messages for them, go to them only.

Are you a UK based telephone answering service?

Yes, we are situated in Cornwall and our answerers are all proficient English speakers, since 2006! We never outsource any of our services.

Are there any hidden costs?

Absolutely not! We believe in fair pricing and clear communication. We don’t make you pick a set package like our competitors, everybody gets treated equally the same. The more calls we take and therefore more messages we send, the bigger the volume discount you get. Every month you start a fresh, there are no limits or quotas, you never lose out.

How do I sign up?

The process is incredibly simple, with our 1 month* free trial you get access to our service as if you were a fully paid in customer. All we need is a simple form filling out with a few details and we can get you started the same day (within working hours).